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Our Mission

We improve lives by delivering outstanding coffee. Our mission is driven by technology and our relentless pursuit to enhance user experience. This is the adventure we share with you.

What we believe in

We believe in a strong team spirit, where everyones’ unique personality gets valued. Together we learn, grow and support each other in the team. We have each other’s back, we are helpful, we empower one another. We are inclusive and accept everyone the way they are. We believe in making the difference together.

Join us in our adventure!

What we offer

At Coffee Circle you get to enjoy great coffee every day. Not a coffee nerd yet? The roastery team offers regular company coffee cuppings and coffee trainings, where you can learn all about the product. Want to study another language? We offer classes in english, spanish and german or participate in our tandem program with one of your future team mates. You will get a budget for internal and external trainings and books and fabulous discounts in our online shop. Look forward to our regular team events and more!

Where we work

Fancy a nice cup of coffee or want to say hi to Hannes, while he is roasting some fresh Buna Dimaa coffee? No problem, at Coffee Circle the roastery, office, warehouse and Café are all located in the same building. Our home is in Berlin Wedding, here everyone knows each other by name. We say hi to everyone and we mean it.

Bei der Verkostung

Our Principles

1. We do the right things in the right way.
2. Learning is our never ending journey.
3. The enthusiasm we share inspires.
4. Together we cultivate compassion.
5. Authenticity is our key to succeed.


Spaß beim Cupping
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